Is Dentistry Still a Profession Worth Pursuing?

Dentistry can be tough, there’s no doubt about it. During the beginning of 2020, when dental offices were forced to close down for months and were only considered “non-essential”, a lot of people in our profession started to wonder if it was all still worth it. I’ve asked myself Quincy dentist   this question a few times in the past and I’ll admit, there have been moments where I came close to quitting. A sales letter sat on my desk for months as a reminder of how close I was to giving up.

It’s no secret that a lot of people don’t like going to the dentist.

In fact, most of us have heard patients say they hate it. While we’re used to that sentiment by now, the sting of being considered “non-essential” last year still remains. And we all know “do-it-yourself” dentistry options are on the rise, as if it’s not really necessary to go to the dentist.

We Are Essential Providers:

Despite the rocky start during the initial stages of the pandemic, we finally emerged victorious. In the eyes of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the government, our own teams and now the public, we are seen as an essential service.

As a result, shutdowns are something we should never experience again in dentistry. We garnered CDC evidence that dentistry is not affected by viral spread, and we still enjoy the highest level of infection control of almost any industry.

This all affirms the value of the public service we provide to our communities.

The Opportunity to Help People One-on-One

Dentists play an important role in society by helping people to meet their basic needs. Dentistry is a stable industry that is always necessary. During tough economic times, dentistry usually maintains or even improves. As a prevention-oriented field, people need us even more when they don’t come regularly. What’s better than helping people every day and making a good living doing it?

Fill a Universal, Perennial, Lifetime Need:

Dentistry is a product, a service, and a skill that has been around for centuries and will continue to be around for centuries to come. While the techniques used may change over time, the need for oral hygiene and dental care will always be present in human society. Dentists provide a vital service that is needed by people of all ages, making it a profession with vast opportunities for employment and income generation.

Even though many people complain about having to go to the dentist, a 2019 poll from Moneywise lists dentists as one of the most respected professionals in the U.S.2 That’s something to think about.

Medical doctors are also highly respected. But do we really think their patients can’t wait to come in for their proctor, gyro, colonoscopy, biopsies and other medical procedures? Most people are reticent to go to any doctor. Medical procedures of any kind are generally uncomfortable and at times frightening.

What patients who express their dislike of dentistry while in my chair are really telling me is something even more important. Yes, they may dislike dentistry, but their appreciation for me as a dentist and as a person allowed them to overcome that fear and choose to come to our office for treatment. That outlook allows me to see these patients and their comments in a different light and to appreciate the incredibly positive side of working with people who are naturally fearful of what we do.

Top Job, Top Pay and Flexibility:

A career in dentistry is not only one of the best jobs in the country, but it is also a high paying career. Dentists have the flexibility to work different hours and days than most other professions. This makes it a great career for those who want to have more freedom and flexibility in their job.

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